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Gazebo 7

Available in formats: wpc, studio, dxf, mtc, jpg, knk, svg, gsd

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If you like my files, feel free to donate.

  • yup

    These is so very beautiful. You are truely talented!

  • Debbie Z

    Monica, you truly have some awesome talent. I’ve always loved seeing your files. Thank you for sharing and showing your beautiful creativity.

  • Greetje

    Thank you so much for sharing. This is such a lovely gazebo.

  • Pink Sheep

    can’t donate, clicked the donate link, but it doesn’t work. does all the donations go to you?

    • Monicascreativeroom

      I have no idea why the donation link doesn’t work for you. Maybe you could try later. Every donation goes directly to me. I’m very grateful for any donation I get. This helps me to continue sharing my work with you.

  • Grietje Jansen


  • Betsy Jose Zambrana

    did my donation ,your desings are beautiful

  • Carol Bunce

    Paid my donation, how do I download the file please

    • Monicascreativeroom

      Thank you! Just click the green button where it says ” Download files”. Then a pop up window appears and there you can choose to save or open the zip file. Save the zip file and extract it on your computer or just open it and drag and drop the file you want on to your computer.

  • Steph D

    One of my best friends got married yesterday at the gazebo in the park. I took on the task of decorating the reception hall for her. I made this gazebo for the centerpiece on the bride & grooms’ table. It was perfect! Thank you for providing these cutting files. They were so easy to use and put together! I donated today and probably will again in the future as I have a feeling I’ll be making many more gazebos. Thanks! StephD

    • Monicascreativeroom

      I’m so glad you could use this gazebo at such a wonderful occasion. I tried my best to make the designs as easy as possible to put together, so it’s nice to see your comment about that.
      Thank you so much for your donation, it will come in handy when I have to order supplies for my creating. 🙂

  • Liz Hutchinson

    These are lovely but are so tiny! The file I downloaded measured approx 8 ins wide & approx 3 ins high, so not useable 🙁 What a shame. I would gladly donate if they were a useable size.

    • Monicascreativeroom

      That’s weird! Non of the files are that small. What file format did you use?
      If it is your software that reduced the file size, you should in all cases be able to change the size manually by selecting all the parts and then resize.

      • Liz Hutchinson

        I downloaded the dfx & used winzip & saved it to PSP7 it shows at 72 resolution .

        • Monicascreativeroom

          I’m sorry but you need a vector based software to get the files to open correct. What I know,the PSP is a pixel based software, so you will never get a good result using this, I think.

  • Liz Hutchinson

    Ah, I see. I have another programme, Serif. Would that work? And thank you for the advice.

    • Monicascreativeroom

      I have no experience from the Serif softwares but I made a search on the web and found out that Serif DrawPlus is a vector based software and can open svg files. Is it this software you have?
      Do you want to print the design out and then cut the design by hand?

      • Liz Hutchinson

        Please Monica, that is what I wanted to do 🙂

        • Monicascreativeroom

          I can give you a pdf on this if you send me an e-mail.

          • Liz Hutchinson

            That would be lovely thank you, but where do I send it privately to you please?

          • Monicascreativeroom

            You can find my e-mail address on the right menu in both “About” and “Terms of use”.

  • Liz Hutchinson

    Just wanted to say thank you again for your patience helping me & for sending the files I can use. I will recommend you to others

  • Paty Arellano

    Hi Monica, can you help me? I´m from Mexico and I try to start making some cutting works but I have a doubt about what kind of paper can I use to make this models, I have a Craft Robo plotter. Hope you can help me! Thanks!

    • Monicascreativeroom

      Hi Paty, I almost always use a cheap 65lb cardstock for all things I cut. But if you want a really good cardstock I can recommend WorldWin cardstock like the ColorMates.

  • Kathy

    Hello, Monica. I have done three of these gazebos so far and made them for Christmas and Fall/Halloween. Since they are fragile do you have an acetate box to correspond with the gazebo so I can preserve it better? Thank you once again. Kathy.

    • Monicascreativeroom

      Hi kathy, I’m sorry but I have not made any boxes for these.

  • Jodie Mason

    I don’t have access to a cutting machine and would love to be able to make your designs. Is there somewhere that I can access pdf’s for the designs?

    • Monicascreativeroom

      I have only made pdf for two of the gazebos. I can send them to you if you want.

      • rhondavousm

        These are All Beautiful!!!

  • Elena Izmaylova

    Моника, спасибо за такую красоту!

  • Resa Crayons

    I have a Cricut Explore Machine and was wondering what sizes do I need to make each one of these??

    • Monicascreativeroom

      The wall section on this one is about 135 mm or 5 1/4 inch high including the glue tabs. You can make it smaller if you have a good cutter.

      • rhondavousm

        Thank you!

  • bumpkin

    Stunning! Just stunning! Thank you!

  • paloma

    tres beau modele,merci

  • Mirella
    • Monicascreativeroom

      I am aware of this and it’s so wrong.
      I have tried to stop this but the managers of Mercado Livre doesn’t care at all. 🙁

  • christine mackin

    hello i got it downloaded and i am able to resize but i would like mine to be 8×8 so in usa what size dose the walls need to be and the base and the top and roof,and the marble floor plz help

    • Monicascreativeroom

      If you select all pieces and resize them together until the octagonal frame shape is 8×8 then the base will be 8×8.

  • Judy Cave

    does the download file include assembly instructions

    • Monicascreativeroom

      Now it does! 🙂

  • Monicascreativeroom

    I have included an assembly instruction for this now.

    • Jamie Lynne Thomas-Honley


  • Nubia Oliveira

    Thank you from Brasil !

  • Hana

    Wow! Amazing work!!

  • Caroline


  • Tania


  • dubun




  • Gena Caruthers

    Beautiful! I would like to use this for my mother’s 80th birthday party centerpieces. I’ve printed everything – but having trouble putting together. Do you have instructions?
    Thank you.

    • Monicascreativeroom

      A building instruction is included in the zip-file. It’s in PDF format.

      • Gena Caruthers

        Oh! I see it now. Thank you so much! Have a blessed day – from San Antonio, TX, USA.

  • Viv V.

    I love this! It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

  • mary

    beautiful I would love to be able to do this