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Christmas Candles Folded

Available in formats: jpg, dwg, mtc, svg, dxf, wpc, pdf, studio

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  • Denise Turner

    Wow, Thank you these are wonderful, I will keep them for next Christmas.

  • Liz Smith


  • snow4jc

    such intricate designs 😉 so beautiful!! thank you for sharing.

  • MsSoozy .

    Thank you for sharing this lovely work of art. Very popular Christmas gifts for friends 🙂 thanks again. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  • ati vermeulen

    schitterend bedankt vanuit Nederland

  • fanchon favez

    Un grand merci de France !


  • Gail Cicenia Petrillo

    How do you attach them?

  • maria fleming

    Hi, Thank you for the files, my daughter and i will really enjoy putting them together. In one of your replies you mention the program autocad, is it difficult to use, am looking for a program to help me when trying to change and alter cutting files, i learn by changing things.
    Inkscape is very good but a little over the top for me at present. I love fancy things. Using design space is a joke, when it works. Thanks again.

    • Monicascreativeroom

      Hi Maria, There are several different software you can use to change a file. Inkscape is one of them. Another very good one is Make The Cut. You can also use Illustrator. All of them can save as SVG. I can’t recommend autocad because it doesn’t save as SVG, it’s hard to learn and it’s expensive.