I hope you like my new website!

March 1st, 2014 by

There have been some tough months of anguish and work to get my new website ready. I could never imagine that it would be so much work to fix this. Hundreds of files and hundreds of images had to be moved to the right place. My library with cutting files have become so extensive that it feels like it has taken forever.

As I work full-time (as cad/cam engineer at a company that manufactures safety parts for cars), I have not had much time during the weeks to work on this and during the weekends you have to do other things too, like spending quality time with the family,  cleaning and washing. 🙂

Fortunately, I have had great help from my daughter’s boyfriend. Thank you Johan for all the help! Without him, this would not have been possible.


If you find something not working as it should, please let me know and we’ll try to fix it.

When we see that everything is working as it should, we will automatically redirect traffic from my old website, but until then both websites will be working.


  • Susan Lanceley

    Hi Monica
    I love your new look website, well done! The layout of the pages make it easy to navigate, you are a brilliant designer of cutting files and I must say they cut out beautifully. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the Free files. Best wishes Susan

  • Susan Lanceley

    Hi Monica

    I love your new look website, well done! The layout of the pages make it easy to navigate, you are a brilliant designer of cutting files and I must say they cut out beautifully. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the Free files.

  • gitanuca

    your website realy looks great, there is one thing tho….The font type you use may not be easy to read for some visitors (like myself..) I hope you dont mind me telling that… For the rest, keep up the good work, we all love it!!

    • Monicascreativeroom

      It is precisely these kinds of things I want to know. Thankyou! I have changed to a different font and hope that it will easier to read now. Please let me know what you think, I can change again if needed.

      • gitanuca

        hmmm… to me it looks as if the font uses different shades of blue… and that combined with the thin lines … the font (color) used in the “comments-part” is a lot easyer to read for me, but perhaps its just me having a little problem and do i just have to get new glasses… 😉

        • gitanuca

          Monica do you have a contact form or email? guestbook…? i found some missing images, or better, i didnt find the images becouse they where… missing… In the ” frames -basic frames section”the images 11,12,13 and 15 are missing. If i find ehhh… dont find more imges, i will post that here untill you provide me with an other location to post them.


          • Monicascreativeroom

            I will look at it and see what happened. Thanks for letting me know!

          • Monicascreativeroom

            Now the files should work again!

          • gitanuca

            They do ! thnx


        • Monicascreativeroom

          Is it easier to read now? We have made some more changes.

  • TLC

    Your new sight is great! You are a very talented person. I liked seeing your concrete work. It makes me want to try.

  • Judy Leigh

    Love the new look. Thank you so much for sharing your cut files.

  • carol

    Just love every thing you do very clever. Thank you so very much for sharing your cutting files.
    I have not tried them yet but have down loaded a few. New site looks great.
    Carol from West Wales GB

  • Soraya

    Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and generosity. Your files are amazing!

  • Carol in BC Canada

    I love your new website. Thank you very much for sharing your files.

  • Linda aka Mayfair

    Congrates on your new site … looks great and works perfectly

  • Linda

    Thank you for sharing all your hard work. Your files are a joy to work with, even the intricate files cut so nicely.

  • Gabi Heinrich

    Your new website turned out wonderful! Thanks again for sharing your incredible talent and creativity with us, Monica!

  • diane

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful files with us, I am hoping to try some out soon, Would like to let you know that the 4 fold cards are receiving an error, cannot down
    load, but no problems with the other cards, thank you again..

    • Monicascreativeroom

      I think the download will not work now. Let me know if there still are problems.

  • annie

    Love the new website! Love your garden tour and all of your crafts. You are an amazing lady. 🙂

  • Sharon

    I used one of your files to create a shower card. It turned out great and the bride to be loved it. Thank you for sharing your files and creativity.

  • Cat

    Your new website looks fabulous! I’ve been an admirer of your cutting files since I got my first Craft Robo.

  • Giving

    Your cut files are very nice. I am in the USA and when I try to make a donation it is giving me an error message. I would very much like to give for the files I download.

    • Monicascreativeroom

      I’m glad you like my designs.
      I have no idea to why the donation doesn’t work for you. We will investigate this and hopefully solve this problem.

  • Charlene

    Thank you so much for sharing your cutting files. I have a new Silhouette Portrait and am just learning. I downloaded a number of your files tonight. Thank you very, very much. I look forward to trying them!

  • Maria

    Your projects are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing them. I downloaded one of the gazebos as it looks identical to the one my husband and I were married in this past June. I’d love to show you what I did with it but don’t know where to send it to you. Thanks again for sharing your talents!