Some new Four Fold Cards

May 3rd, 2014 by




Before Christmas I was working on a bunch of new four fold cards, but I had so much else to do so I completely  forgot about them. I do not understand how that happened but recently I found them again. Now I have finished them for you. 🙂

I will post them in two batches. This is what the first batch look like and you can find them for downloading at the bottom of the page here.

Four_fold_card_17 Four_fold_card_18 Four_fold_card_19 Four_fold_card_20 Four_fold_card_21 Four_fold_card_22





  • Diane

    Thank you so much Monica, these are beautiful! ~Diane

  • Maryann Laursen

    Oh my oh my they´re sooo gorgeous Monica. What an amazing talent to create something like this beautiful artwork here.

  • sandragaff

    Monica last year you made for me a wedding invitation, the wedding had to be postpone but what I need is if you could make it larger for me. I can send you the original file which you made.
    How much would it cost?

    • Gaz Hawkins

      what format is the file in, you might be able to adjust the size yourself, depending on what software you have.

      • Monicascreativeroom

        The design will not look good if it is enlarged by stretching as it is mostly the width, she wants bigger. I will redraw it so it will look good. 🙂

        • Gaz Hawkins

          ah yes, making it bigger in one direction only will mean it’s best to re-draw. I thought the OP was talking about overall bigger (height & width) Sorry.

  • Maria Victoria Mejia Mora

    Que filigrana mas hermosa, es dificil imaginar que esto sea posible hacerlo con papel, me he quedado sin palabras para calificar y agradecer este trabajo: Muchas felicitaciones por recrearnos con sus diseños alucinantes.

  • Nicole G

    I really always your new creations Monica, you are one talented lady, thank you for all the beautiful shares….Nicole G

  • ellen

    i love the four fold cards, but wheni fold them , the four parts do not meet in the middle, what am i doing wrong. Maybe need to fold them higher up.

    • Monicascreativeroom

      Have you moved the folding lines? The lines should be in the right place when you open the file. Maybe if you are using heavy cardstock it might be a little bit tight. I mostly use 65lb cardstock and the parts meet exactly in the middle.

      • ellen

        thank you, the first time i forgot to score and i think maybe the paper is too thick. i am going to try again. you work is beautiful…