More snow…

October 24th, 2014 by

The snow that came last weekend didn’t melt away and yesterday evening it started to snow again. During night it had snowed almost 15 cm (6″). Now it’s raining and it will turn warmer during weekend.

My heart was in my mouth as I drove to work this morning.



P1010818  P1010820


  • Trish

    It’s so pretty! i hope your drive was safe…

  • Cindy Martinez

    So glad your drive was safe. A warm-up for the winter? Our snow hasn’t arrived yet. Usually by the end of October but rarely as much as you got. That comes later…

  • Jackie Whiteman

    The photo with all the snow looks lovely, but I bet it was scary driving in it. Hope the rain has washed most of it away for you so safer driving. We’ll be getting warmer in the UK this weekend with 21c forecast for London tomorrow!!! Has been so mild, hmmm…what kind of winter are we going to have??