Some late Christmas designs

January 1st, 2016 by

Cristmas_candles_folded Cristmas_candles_circle

At last I have finished these designs. It’s the last two with candles on. I hope it’s not too late now when Christmas is over and the new year is here.

For the folded one, I have cut out six pieces and then glued them together. Then added a string and some pearls.

It’s a little bit tricky to fold the design due to the thin lines. I use two rulers when folding, this makes it much easier.


I don’t put glue on the whole design, just some small dots on the thicker parts. I love to use the E-Z Runner that gives small strips. I pick them up one by one and put them on the design.

P1030702 P1030703

You can find the new files here.


I hope you all have had a wonderful New Year!



  • Stine Korgaard Jensen

    Hey i love you designe 🙂 the only thing is that Im a bit confused! for the folded one- do i need to cut 6 whole pieces ? i can only see 2 on the pic? thanks for sharing you beautiful designs 🙂

    • Monicascreativeroom

      I cut 6 pieces and glued them together so each “wing” is double. I folded them in the middle and kept them folded when I glued them on top of each other. Then I glued the first and the last side together so it become ball shaped.
      You can choose to cut more than 6 if you want but I think that 6 is minimum to get a nice ball shape.