Winter wonderland

March 7th, 2017 by


This time of year the winter days are really lovely when the sun is shining. We have lots of snow and it’s quite cold at nights. This morning when I woke up, I stayed in bed for a minute and just listened for the traffic noise from the high way that are not far from our house. I could hear that it was quite cold outside! When I looked at the thermometer it said -18 degrees C. The noise from the traffic gets much higher and sharper when it is cold outside!

I have started to sow a lot of flower seeds but this year I will try to not grow as many plants as I’m used to. Every summer after planting out all the flowers I need, I always have loads of plants left over. I usually give them away to family and friends but this year I will try to just grow what I need and not so much more. Wish me luck with that task! 😉


A new hobby

One day some weeks ago, when I was surfing on the net I found something that really caught my eye, diamond embroidery!

You place tiny resin diamonds on a adhesive canvas with a printed design on. The diamonds are just 2,5 mm in square. I bought one from Aliexpress, just to try. The design is a picture of a fractal. Of course I had to choose a large one, 60x60cm. This means about 57 000 tiny diamonds to put in the right place on the canvas. Ha-ha!

When I got the package and opened it, I started wondering what I got myself into. This will take for ever, I thought. I started to work with it and it’s so fun!

Now I have spent less than a week, a couple of hours a day and almost a quarter of it is already finished. I will certainly buy another one when I have finished this!



  • Brenda

    Good Morning! It was good to check your site and see that you had posted a picture of your beautiful countryside! We have had an early spring where all the flowers are blooming that should be blooming later and the trees are starting to leaf out! We have had 70 degree days but then on Sunday, they are calling for snow! I love the diamond design but haven’t seen any of them around here! I’m so busy making cards that I haven’t really looked for them though! I hope you have a great day and stay warm!

  • Monica Vasquez

    Wow just wow! That looks amazing.

  • Dayle

    Wow Monica! You sure get into the most fascinating arts! My eyeballs are rolling just staring at all of the tiny little diamonds! And thanks for sharing how pretty your countryside is… I miss snow, but I get my fill seeing your beautiful photos.