One year in pictures

I have for many years thought to show a picture calendar of how my garden looks like all times of the year. Now finally I have collected enough pictures so I have something to show. Here we go:


This is generally the coldest month of the year. Often we have -30°C/-22°F or colder for a few weeks. The coldest I ever experienced was in January 1999, then we had -42°C/-43.6°F. That day, I stayed home from work but the next day it was only -36°C/-32.8°F and then I went off to work. Stupid, I know, but the car started fine and I got both there and back with no problem.

Jan01 Jan02 Jan03 Jan04 Jan05 Jan06



This month is pretty similar to January, but not quite as cold. Daylight is returning slowly and it usually snow quite often.

Feb01 Feb02 Feb03 Feb04 Feb05



This time of year I sow a lot of seeds. I keep the little plants in the garage. It’s still way too cold and snowy outside yet to be able to use the greenhouse.

When it starts to thaw, the snow from the roof falls into giant piles. The pictures below are from really snowy winters.

Mar01 Mar02 Mar03 Mar04 Mar05 Mar07 Mar10 Mar06 Mar09 Mar08 Mar11 Mar12



Now finally the thaw is starting to accelerate. The plants in the garage are growing fast. In late April, I want to move them into the greenhouse as they now have become so large that there is not enough space in the garage. They also need more light than I can give them under my HPS lamps. I must have a fan heater on in the greenhouse for it still gets pretty cold at night.
Crocus starts to flower at the end of the month.

April01 April02 April03 April04 April05 April06 April07 April08 April09 April10



Now the last snow is melting away. I’m busy replanting all the little seedlings into larger pots. Pasque, Hungarian hepatica and daffodils begin to bloom. Sometimes it even snows in May!

Maj05 Maj06 Maj07 Maj08 Maj09 Maj10 Maj11 Maj12 Maj13 Maj14 Maj01 Maj02 Maj03 Maj04



June is a busy month. Now I carry in and out of the greenhouse all plants that are to be planted out. They need to get used to the sun. After June 10 the the risk for frost is over and then I can plant out all my plants.

Now is also when all the mosquitoes start to be annoying.

The wild cherry bloom in early June and the spirea bushes gets all covered with white flowers. Flower after flower come to life.

Jun01 Jun02 Jun03 Jun04 Jun05 Jun06 Jun07 Jun08 Jun09 Jun10 Jun11 Jun12



Now we are in the middle of the summer and we have daylight around the clock. The first picture is taken after midnight. The lilacs are in full bloom and the peonies and mountain poppy is so beautiful. Now we can start to eat cucumbers, sweet peas and strawberries.

The rhubarb leaves start to be large enough to be used for concreting stepping stones and birdbaths.

Jul01 Jul02 Jul03 Jul04 Jul05 Jul06 Jul07 Jul08 Jul09 Jul10 Jul11 Jul12 Jul13 Jul14 Jul15 Jul16 Jul17 Jul18 Jul19



At least once a week, the grass have to be mowed during the summer. After the peonies, the lilies start to bloom. Raspberries are ripening and the tomatoes in the greenhouse is turning red. I make pickles and picks delicate flower bouquets.

Aug01 Aug02 Aug03 Aug04 Aug05 Aug06 Aug07 Aug08 Aug09 Aug10 Aug11 Aug12 Aug14 Aug15 Aug16



I have many composts built of pallet collars. It takes two years for the compost to break down so it can be used. Of currants and gooseberries I make juice. The mash that remains after the juice, I freeze for later use for pie and more.

I pick the small sour apples from our crab apple tree and make applesauce. In September, we often have frost at night and trees and shrubs are starting to get autumn colors. The days are getting shorter.

Sep01 Sep02 Sep04 Sep05 Sep06 Sep07 Sep08 Sep09 Sep10 Sep11 Sep12 Sep13 Sep14 Sep15



In October, the ground freezes and becomes hard. I tie the shrubs to protect them from the heavy snow that comes with winter. The water in the pond freezes so that I can walk on it. In late October, the waxwings comes in large flocks and eat berries in the trees.

Oct01 Oct02 Oct03 Oct04 Oct05 Oct06 Oct07 Oct08 Oct09 Oct10 Oct11 Oct12 Oct13 Oct14 Oct15 Oct16 Oct17



Now comes the winter. It snows and thaws several times before the snow stays.




Now it is the darkest time of year. It never gets really bright in the days. The sun is up for a few hours only and only just above the horizon. The snow is falling and we are shoveling. Luckily we have a snowblower that make it easier. I stay inside and prepare for Christmas.

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