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Folded flower card 2

Available in formats: wpc, knk, mtc, dxf, gsd, studio, svg, jpg

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  • kamila

    i need this shap, so wonderfull

  • Maria

    Thank you, it’s really beautiful!!!

  • Tatiana Salazar

    Hermoso trabajo!!

  • DJ


  • Halloweengal

    Does anybody have a suggestion for paper that works well with this cut? My Cricut wants to eat the very fine cuts. Thank you!

    • bumpkin

      I’ve had (usually) good results with fine cuts with Anna Griffin card-stock. Dont know where she orders from. Wish I knew the BEST paper for these! Also, someone told me to change the ‘custom’ setting b4 cutting, as there is a choice for delicate cuts. Good luck to you!

      • Halloweengal

        Thanks a bunch! I’m also wondering what size to cut this so it will work with a regular store envelope.

        • Halloweengal

          These will be wedding invitations, so I want to make them the “proper” size. I’m Googling trying to figure it out, but there doesn’t seem to be a standard size.

          • Monicascreativeroom

            I’m sorry but this card was made on request and in a given size.

          • Halloweengal

            I don’t know what that means? What is the given size? When I import it, it’s 3.65 x 2.43. You’re saying that’s the “given” size?

          • Monicascreativeroom

            I made this file on request, and that person gave me the size she wanted it to be. It’s designed to be 9 inches high but when I put it on my website I made it smaller just so it would fit regular cardstock. In my files it’s now 7.13×10.355. I know that some software opens SVG files in other sizes than what they where designed to be.

  • bumpkin

    These are just so beautiful!

  • Leila Nelson

    Beautiful , thank you.