Hama beads projects


A self-portrait built with Hamas mini beads.


Lemming world!


A world of Lemmings on the wall abow my computer.


Built with Hamas midi beads.



A little of everything


A magazine holder


Landscape with the troll family.
Daddy troll is about 31 cm high, with the hat. The plate is made of particleboard in the bottom and Styrofoam to get to the countryside. Green granules (such as model builders use) covers the ground. Stones and wooden branches are glued on top. The faces and and hands are made of plastic clay. For the bodies, I have used figure wire (plated steel wire) and stuffing. The clothes I have sewn from felt, cotton fabric and thin leather. Hair and beard are made of lamb fur. The blueberries are dried peas, which I dipped in paint and put in baskets.


Balls I painted and put on fur as hair.
Ears are small leather pieces.


Easter Hat made of thick white cardboard which II then painted and decorated.


One more Easter Hat.



A clock with rainbow colored figures.


My daughter’s door plate when she was younger.


My son’s door plate when he was younger.


Another door plate.


Model of a cannon where the tube is about 27 cm long.
I made this when I was at the adult technical engineering training school, many years ago. The cannon tube, the round axle and wheels, I have lathes, while the spokes in the wheels and wheel axle, I have milled. Then I took the metal parts to my dad who run a weapons workshop at the time, so he made them black.


I did by the way, three of them. The second I gave to my brother. The third cannon tube is completely in brass. All the pieces are in a box somewhere in the garage and is not assembled.


Two candlesticks I have lathes.


A book that I have decorated. All the parts I cut out with Craft Robo. I glued them on and fixed them with decoupage varnish. My daughter got it as a Christmas present. She is writing her favorite recipes in it.


These thermos I have decorated with vinyl stickers that I cut using my Craft Robo.


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Nylon stocking flowers.

Form a loop of the silver wire, then pull over a colored piece of nylon stocking and stretch it properly before you attach it with a thin copper wire that you wind hard on the stem so that the sock will not loosen. Cut off the nylon stocking. Make more of these petals and then put them together with stamen and a pistil (bought ready-made) to a flower. Attach a steel wire to the flower with a thin copper wire. Finally wind a green or brown slightly sticky paper tape around the stems.


Yellow Freesia, iris, a white hollyhock and a daisy.






Flower wreath.


Fine wood knot I found when we were out on a hill nearby. I drilled small holes that I put the flowers and branches in.


Another wood knot decorated with nylon flowers.

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Stone trolls

I have in my whole life been fascinated by stones. Even when I was little I picked small beautiful stones when I was out in nature. Nowadays it is the larger stones that interests me. Stones that can be beautiful to have in the garden. I usually bring home a few stones in the trunk when we are driving around in the nature in summertime.
These stone trolls I made some years ago. They are glued together with epoxy glue and then lacquered.

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