Bigger things …


My dad has a little sawmill (just for household) and I get the wood free of him. I just tell him which dimensions I need and how much, and he fixes it. The timber is not planed and therefore best suited to larger things.

Mass production of flower boxes. I made ten of them. Here, I’m measuring up the wood for the handles.
A finished flower box!
A table and benches for the barbecue place. Now a couple of years later the bark edge has fallen off and the wood has become beautiful gray.
In my new greenhouse I needed a functional interior design to hold all the boxes for all the flowers I grow up every year. I drew up the greenhouse (inside dimensions) in AutoCad and designed the shelves so they should hold maximum number of boxes.
Another important detail was to get a good working space. I made all the drawings to scale so that building process could be as simple as possible.
The result was beyond my expectations. I have now covered the lower part with a vinyl cloth to protect the shelves beneath from soil and water.


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