My name is Monica and I live with my family in a small village outside Luleå in northern part of Sweden. During my whole life I have enjoyed creating. Throughout the years I have tried almost everything in crafts and needlework. When we moved to a house I could grow my gardening interest. I got the interest as a little girl when my mom gave me my own little place where I could sow and plant my own flowers. Now, every spring I sow like crazy, lots of flowers which I then plant out when the risk of frost is over, usually around June 10.

Another great interest I have developed in recent years is to design patterns which are then cut out of paper with an electric cutting machine. The patterns are used by those who are doing scrapbooking, making cards and other crafts made of paper or vinyl. My library of cutting files have grown quite large and I share all my designs for free.

During the recent years I have had the privilege to work with Cheery Lynn Designs. Several of their dies are made using my designs.


Cutting files

Cut Files are designs that your Personal Electronic Cutting Machine will cut for you. There are several brands of Cutting Machines on the market and they all use different file formats. I am not too familiar with exactly which formats each of the different machines use but I have added several formats so you should find the one your machine uses.

I make all my designs in AutoCAD. AutoCAD is less common, but since I have access to it and I know the software quite well, it is natural for me to use it for my creativity.

Some of my older Cut Files don’t contain the .studio format but both the gsd and dxf format can be opened in the Silhouette Studio software.

My Cut Files come in a .zip format, if you have difficulty when you try to open them you may not have the winzip software on your computer.

My first cutter was a Craft Robo and I have had it since October 2006. This machine has been my closest friend ever since. It’s incredible how much different things you can do when you have an electric cutter. It’s only your imagination that sets the limits for what you can do.
In January 2010 I bought a Bosskut Gazelle because I wanted to have a bigger cutter that can cut thicker media too. I’m not that pleased with this mashine as I find it less accurate then the CR.
In November 2011 a Silhouette Cameo moved in with me. I think we will be having a long relationship. I’m thrilled about all it can do.



If you want to contact me, my email address is:
[email protected]

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