Juice and purée

Every autumn I take care of what the garden provides. My special pan that steams the fruit and make the juice to come out in a tube in the bottom is my best friend when taking care of all the fruits and berries. I make fruit-syrup from many different berries as red and white currant, gooseberry, raspberry, rhubarb and ornamental apples.

The harvest of ornamental apples. This is the only apple variety I have but you can make really good apple-sauce of them.
The apples are steam boiled in the special unit and the juice comes out in the bottom of the pan. Then I boil the juice up with sugar and pour up in bottles.
When the apples have become soft, I squash them. Then I boil syrup and add atamon and stir it into the sauce.
Since ornamental apples is so acidic it need quite a lot of sugar.
It became many cans this time! I keep them in the freezer.
Mmm, delicious!
Here is a bucket of gooseberries. I will make fruit-syrup!
When the fruit-syrup is ready, I put the left overs in small boxes and put in the freezer. Perfect for a pie!


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