Hama beads projects

A self-portrait built with Hamas mini beads.
Lemming world!
A world of Lemmings on the wall abow my computer.
Built with Hamas midi beads.


6 responses to “Hama beads projects”

  1. Me encanta!!! lo has hecho tu? tienes los patrones? Felicidades!!!
    I love it!!! have you done it you? have you got a pattern? Congratulations!!!

    • I have built everything with Hama beads. The patterns are made from tiny pictures I found on the net. Search for “lemmings sprites” and you will find most of the lemmings I used for this. Download a picture with all the lemmings on. Open it in Paint and zoom in so you can see the pixels. Then you can use it as a pattern to build your own lemming!

  2. I never realised lemmings were real until I saw them on a campsite in Finland in 2011. All running in the grass around a tent.

  3. Lol I remember this game!! This is super impressive!!! You are quite the busy woman!!

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