Folded flower card 2

Available in formats: wpc, knk, mtc, dxf, gsd, studio, svg, jpg


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17 responses to “Folded flower card 2”

  1. Does anybody have a suggestion for paper that works well with this cut? My Cricut wants to eat the very fine cuts. Thank you!

    • I’ve had (usually) good results with fine cuts with Anna Griffin card-stock. Dont know where she orders from. Wish I knew the BEST paper for these! Also, someone told me to change the ‘custom’ setting b4 cutting, as there is a choice for delicate cuts. Good luck to you!

      • Thanks a bunch! I’m also wondering what size to cut this so it will work with a regular store envelope.

        • These will be wedding invitations, so I want to make them the “proper” size. I’m Googling trying to figure it out, but there doesn’t seem to be a standard size.

            • I don’t know what that means? What is the given size? When I import it, it’s 3.65 x 2.43. You’re saying that’s the “given” size?

              • I made this file on request, and that person gave me the size she wanted it to be. It’s designed to be 9 inches high but when I put it on my website I made it smaller just so it would fit regular cardstock. In my files it’s now 7.13×10.355. I know that some software opens SVG files in other sizes than what they where designed to be.

  2. Hello 🙂 thx for tihis file. I have brother scan n cut and I tried to format larger than A4 cut this invitation. I tried 6 times with different settings and always came over me disaster cut. Which machine you use for cutting?

    • I’m sorry that the file doesn’t work for you. I know that it can be a problem to open intricate files in ScanNCut. If you are able to open it but the cut doesn’t work, the paper quality or the sharpness of the blade can be the issue.

      My cutter is a Silhouette Cameo and I have no problem to cut intricate designs as long as the cardstock is not too heavy. You can read more here about my recommendations when cutting my designs:

      • Thank you very much for your help!
        I have a different type of paper, the thickness, etc. with all my ugly cut out. I’ll probably have to choose another motive for invitations, one simple 🙁

  3. I love these trifold cards, they are amazing, I’ve yet to try one in my cricut machine to see how they look, but I am sure they will turn out as beautiful as they appear on your site. Thanks! for sharing.

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