Preparing a new pavement

During summer I have been casting a lot of oriental paver stones. I’m planning to build a casting corner in my garden where I will have a working bench with a built-in sink and space for my concrete mixer and the vibrating table. Of course I need a fancy pavement for this.

I bought a starter set of the very pretty concrete moulds and started casting. I quickly realized that I will need quite many of the finished stones, more than you think, so I ordered some more moulds to speed up the casting.

Every other day during summer was spent on casting these stones. Now I have almost enough for the planned area to be paved. To build the casting corner will be a fun project for next summer!

Update on the snow

All the snow we got a month ago melted after a week and then we got lots of rain. This caused our very small cellar to overflow. This happens usually during spring but rarely during fall. We got about 30 cm of water on the floor. We have a small freezer down there but it’s placed on a shelf about 50 cm up from the floor to protect it from overflowing. We had to pump out the water for some days and now its dry again.

Yesterday we got some more snow but not as much as last time. I hope it will stay this time!


7 responses to “Preparing a new pavement”

  1. Dear Monica, I’m planning a new garden project and I needed new pavement. So I’m very glad to found your webpage. All items are so lovely – thanks for sharing. Did you painted the white items on the single stones or have you used white pigments in the liquid beton?

    kind regards from germany

    • I have used only regular concrete when casting the pavement. No paint or pigment. The variation in colour depends on how smooth the surface is. The patterned areas just looks darker than the smooth areas.

  2. Hi Monica, I’ve only just found your website and I’m loving all of your projects! Your pavement turned out amazing!!

    Hope you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the mould from? Thank you!

    • I’m glad you like my creations and projects. I bought the moulds from a Swedish company but you should find them if you search for oriental or Moroccan paving moulds on the net.

  3. Hi Monica! Just found this post and I love the Moroccan moulds! Those are a dream paver shape! I’ve been trying to find the same mould online but I’m struggling to find it! Do you happen to have a link you would be willing to share!? Thank you so much!

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