3D Big Castle

Available in formats: gsd, studio, wpc, dxf, pdf, svg, knk, ai, mtc, jpg


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  1. I am having issues uploading this to my design space, because the image is to large. Any way I can break down the castle?

    • I’m sorry but I have no experience of Design Space. What file format are you using?

  2. Absolutely amazing, i’ve made a much smaller castle using craft knife & assembly determination but this is stunning. Me & my silhouette are joined at the socket lol & I really cannot wait to start this. Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us crafty addicts xx a hugely talented lady xx

  3. Monica – I manage to break apart the cut files so they can load into my Cricut Design Space. But it seems that the measurements are not sized correctly. Do you have the measurements for each piece? Thank You

  4. Hi Monica, my granddaughter is wanting to make this something like a dollhouse, where it could be opened in the center and have rooms inside. Is this possible? We are planning to use a light weight wood for the finished project and maybe in heavy cardboard for practice. I would appreciate any help you could give us.
    Thank you so much!! We love this castle!!!
    Jody Mason
    [email protected]

    • I’m so glad you like the castle.
      I’m sorry but I don’t think I can help you with this. It’s quite different to design 3D models for cardstock and for thicker media. You can’t bend thicker media in the same way as cardstock and get the pieces to fit together without taking into account the thickness of the media.

      • That’s what I was afraid of but I promised my granddaughter I would ask. I still plan to make it for myself using cardstock as I just can’t resist the challenge, this will be my most intricate 3D project and I LOVE anything I can put into a fairytale style project. Thank you so much for answering our question Monica and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful designs with us all!!
        Jody 🙂

  5. Amazing!!! I’m trying to do it to my niece’s birthday party. It’s sooooo lovely!!!!! Thank you very much for design and share this!!! And sorry about the horrible English… Best wishes from Brazil!

    • Olá Leticia! Vc conseguiu abrir o arquivo? Para mim aparece que ele possuiu muitas linhas e não abre. Help!!!

  6. Hello, Thank you for the free files. I am having trouble with the 3d castle tower walls picture 17-18 lining up. There seems to be a big over lap of about an inch on the other side. Which in turn the fold marks will not line up and the whole tower is off, am I doing something wrong in this tower. Please help! Thank you

    • Hmm, it’s hard to understand the problem you have without a picture showing what is wrong. If you send me a picture, I will try to help you. 🙂

  7. Hi Monica. I’m not sure if my previous post went through, so am posting again. I’ve used the wpc file and the tower wall top edge panels are wider than the tower wall panels. This increases the length of the top edges by an inch or so. In turn, the pieces in pic 27 also appear too wide and I’m not sure if this affects the tower roofs as well.? Is it possible to check and let me know please? And once again, many thanks for your generosity in making these files freely available. Your talents are amazing! xox

    • The files are correct. The trick is to assemble the lower part of the top edge panel (pic. 17-18) on to the tower wall, with the parts already folded. You can’t assemble those parts flat. The same applies to the parts in pic. 27.

      • Thank you! It worked! I think everyone who has referred to the overlap must’ve been straightening the tower walls when trying to attach the edge panels.Hopefully your explanation will help them to resolve their problems as well. I’m making this one for a little princess who is turning 4 and having a ‘Little Mermaid’ theme. She will be rapt when she sees it! 🙂

  8. Good morning, because I can not open the GDS file … Not available in PDF? I need some program or the molds are not available in other files as you describe.

  9. Hi Monica, can you break the svg file into two parts? i am using the cricut explore and it wont let me open it. it says the file is too large. thanks.

  10. hI Monica
    I do love your castle.Will it be possible to have the PDF files.I do not have a cutting machine …..

  11. Hello Monica,

    I am not sure what’s wrong with the file. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to send a PDF version to my email address. I do not a cutting machine and am new to these type of designs and creations. I would be most grateful.

    Email Address: [email protected]

    Thank You

  12. When I click on the svg file it is blank. What am I doing wrong? I tried to open in brother scan n cut canvas and it says too many lines to convert and nothing shows up??

    • Maybe the SVG file is too big for your software to handle. I will send new files for you to try where I have split the design in two.

  13. My wife and I were at Cracker Barrel last night, and my daughter went right to a castle. I can’t afford that, but this looks amazing. Going to give it a try.

  14. Good night monica !!
    Loved this castle as various other files , which you kindly posted , and would love to cut and assemble , but it has many lines and it is not possible to open the canvas to cut the scanncut . Could you help me , perhaps by sending the file in various parts ? I thank you . Adriana

    email address: [email protected]

    • I don’t know if this will help, but I have uploaded a new zip file with the SVG file divided in two parts.

    • Hi, I have a scan n cut and I have unzipped the file and imported it into canvas without any problems. Make sure you are unzipping before trying to import the svg file into canvas.

  15. Monica.. Could I please have the Castle file in two sections as I can’t open it. It is such a big file and I noticed that you have made the file in smaller sections. Would appreciate the file in smaller sections. Thanks a million

  16. Yes Monica it’s SVG files I need. I have Cricut Explore and I use Vector SVG files. Thnaks

  17. Hi there, I plan on taking this to an office supply store to have them print it, how much do I need to enlarge the pdf dimensions?

    • I am aware of this and it’s so wrong.
      I have tried to stop this but the managers of Mercado Livre doesn’t care at all. 🙁

    • Have you downloaded the zip file by clicking the green download button? The zip file contains all the different file formats that are available.

      • HI there, Can you send it with the silhouette app? I tried opening from your files, but it won’t open.

        • I´m sorry but I don´t have the silhouette app. I can send you the file by e-mail, if you want. 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for sharing such an exquisite piece of art. I can’t wait to make it. You are so kind, I was referred to your site by a fellow crafter ‘Craft with Bee’

      • You can try to stop . Know the 9610 copyright law in Brazil? It is a law that protects the artist against plagiarism, etc.

  19. This is just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, I’m gonna do one for a Princesses theme party.

  20. Your talent is unbelievable. I can’t figure out how you can make these things. You are great. Thanks so much for all you do !

  21. wow, big thank you for making it available in studio as well! Usually it’s just svg. This looks amazing!

  22. I am so impressed with your wonderful files. I have downloaded the castle for a project for my granddaughter and will be back for more! donation made Many thanks!

  23. wow thats all i can think at the moment is wow and of course where can i buy then i saw the download link and my mind was blown i think i will probably be a frequent donor your work is fantastic!!!

  24. Hi Monica,

    Amazing work congrats!!! I tried to download and didn’t work. How can I download in svg? I would like to use on my silhouette studio


    • If you click the green download button, a pop up window should appear. Choose “open, then you should see all the file formats that are available. There is a STUDIO file so you don’t need the SVG file.

      • Hi, my name is Cheng Kean Wei from Malaysia. I am interest to sell the design of art work at shopee, may i know how much is the price to get the commercial license?

        • You are free to sell items made by using my designs as long as you don’t sell the files themselves. No commercial license is needed for this.

  25. svg wont work in design space. Would like to make this to put on my table. I love this design.

    • I have updated the zip-file with a new SVG file. Try this and tell me if the new file works for you.

  26. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to make this castle!! It’s amazing!

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