3D Chapel

Available in formats: ai, dxf, knk, svg, wpc, studio, gsd, jpg


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10 responses to “3D Chapel”

  1. Monica you have some beautiful files here. I am wanting to make your 3-D chapel but am not sure how to size it in design space. I have the cricut explore. I appreciate you having this site.

    • I have made new SVG files. One special for Design Space where I have resized the design so it will open with the correct size for you. Check it out and tell me if it works!

      • It looks good, I opened it in design space, but I haven’t cut it yet. I will let you know when I cut it & how it goes. Thanks again.

  2. Monica your files are amazing.I’m waiting for new ones. Can you create something about wedding or baby theme, Please?. Thanks

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