3D Small Castle

Available in formats: ai, knk, svg, studio, dxf, wpc, gsd, jpg


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5 responses to “3D Small Castle”

  1. patricia masala says:

    trop joil, merci beacoup !!

  2. Jerlin Chumpitaz Gonzales says:


  3. joe Galaske says:

    Formidable! J’taime votre travail

  4. Kerry Jeremiah says:

    hi monica love this but no pdf file not sure how to put it together thanks

    • Monicascreativeroom says:

      I didn’t make an assembly instruction for this because It’s not hard to put them together.

      Just make them as individual buildings and if you want to attach them, just cut off the edge of the roof on the smaller building on the side that will be attached to the bigger one. I did make a green line on the roof part that shows where to cut.

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