Gazebo 1

Available in formats: studio, wpc, svg, mtc, jpg, knk, gsd, dxf


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16 responses to “Gazebo 1”

  1. I love the roof.
    do You still use autocad. Last time I used Autocad was in 1984. Now I know I am old.

  2. Hi Pamela, I still use AutoCAD for most of my designing. I have not found any other software that is as good as this.

  3. Any Idea why the WPC files won’t import into the new InVue software? I get an error message everytime but the SVG file import right in.

    • I’m sorry but I have no experience of the InVue software. I used an old version of Funtime to make the WPC files. Maybe this is the problem.

      • As long as it was saved as a Wpc I don’t see how using a different software could make a difference, and I can open your wpc files in my 2010 pro software just fine. guess I’ll have to ask Pazzles. Thank you for getting back to me.

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