Gazebo 2

Available in formats: pdf, dxf, gsd, knk, mtc, studio, svg, wpc, zip


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  1. This is gorgeous! thank you so much, all the way from Brazil honey, you are very kind by sharing this for free. Gonna use on my daughter´s first birthday.

  2. Oh My..This Gazebo is so pretty. I love how you added the hearts to hang down. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing.

  3. hello i would like to make this for a forthcoming wedding using a silhouette cameo is there anyone out there who can help me please struggling a bit with software thanks

  4. Hi RIta you need the designer edition of the silhoutte studio and this will allow you to use any SVG

  5. yes i have designer edition when i tried to move the file onto the cutting mat the perforation part dissent move do I have to regroup each piece ?

    • I have tested both the STUDIO and SVG file and I have no problem moving the pieces around without losing the perforated lines. Each single piece have the perforated lines grouped to it. I don’t understand why you have this problem. Have you also tried the STUDIO file?

      • hi I am still new to silhouette and have cut 3 models before without a problem not sure if its my inexperience! is there any videos you could recomend so I can see where I am going wrong.. thanks for your patience .

  6. I sent a small donation but forgot to write in the note box. So I just want to say thank-you for sharing your work. These are beautiful.

  7. What size would you cut this at for like putting it on a table? Is there a pdf on how to put it together? I cant find it

      • Thanks, you are the best. Are the instructions here for all the gazebos? I just love all your work. Havent dont a 3D yet so this will be my first. Wish me luck.

        • Many of the different gazebos have similar instructions. You can find the other ones in the archive for February and March 2014. I wish you good luck! 🙂

    • All pieces have to be resized together if you want to change the size of the gazebo. Otherwise the pieces will not fit together when assembling. I’m sorry but I can’t give you the measurement for each piece. Select all and resize, if you want to make it in another size than it is designed for.

  8. Hi, this will be the first ever non cricut image I’m going to attempt to use, but whenever I try to cut, the red (score) lines are being separated off the image.. do i have to click “score” on them individually?

    • I’m sorry, but I have no experience of Cricut, because I do not have the software for this. I guess you must manually mark the score lines, if they behave as you describe it.

    • Select the image and the score line together. Then “attach”. The two files will become one (so to speak) and when sent to the mat, the image will be scored first and then cut. I hope this helps. Perhaps you have learned this already. I see your post is 2 years old. 🙂

  9. yes are you using DS if so you need to go to the right side and click on each one a box will pop up click on score it will make your red line turn gray on each part then then click s-all botton and then to your right hit layers and then hit attach i hope this helps if you can tell me what size yours was and how you did yours anna it would me hope this helps you

  10. Monica My Silhouette Cameo came to a week, and bought it used, but in great condition, but I can not access the Silhouette Store, because does not open the latest version 3.6 of the Silhouette Studio. I was already desperate, but since yesterday met your site, God is beautiful and good, and you are a genius!!! How many beautiful arts!!! I’m thrilled and delighted with parts and anxious to test them! I promise you that if it works my Scrap Party business will be making donations constant to your site as it is a blessing in my life!!! Thank you for your generosity, God bless you! Kisses and have a nice Sunday!!!

  11. hi monica I love your designs. and will send a donate. very soon. one question I have a scan n cut I can load the design but cant get it to cut. am I doing something wrong

    • I’m sorry but I don’t know anything about ScanNCut. What I understand when I search the net is, that you should be able to use SVG files but you have to login to the ScanNCut Canvas website and convert the files to FMC format first.

  12. Hi. Thank you for this wonderful file. I am hoping someone can help me to figure out how to get it into design space.

  13. OMG Thank you for posting this in the SIL format I was hoping to find a free version since I will be spending enough with throwing myself a baby shower…. Works wonderful with the Carousal theme I’m hoping for.

  14. I will give you money, but I can pay it about 2 month because We live under the minima and we will get abount 500 euro by month, so You can understand that we don’t have money to pay directly. But, I will payd you, absolutely. We live in the Netherlands,

  15. Thanks for all you do Monica, I have just completed this gazebo, my first 3D attempt. You will probably be getting a lot of new members as I posted it on a facebook page and evetyone wanted to know where to got the file. I will donate later, and hope all the newbies will too ☺

  16. Olá Mônica, muito obrigada por projetos tão lindos. Que Deus continue abençoando suas mãos. Muito agradecida por nos disponibilizar coisas tão lindas. Parabéns !

  17. I’m going to try this I am a new by at scan and cut I hope I can do u justice I’m not doing them to sell I’m doing them for my own pleaser thank you for letting me join your site thank you mary

  18. Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyedputting it all together it is drying just now waiting to put on the decoations Just need to get a display box for it now.

  19. Thank you Monica for this beautiful project. I am having problems cutting out as my Scan ‘n Cut says there are too many items. What am I doing wrong?

    • I’m sorry, but as I don’t have Scan’n Cut, it’s hard for me to help you with this.

    • I can’t find anything wrong with the files.
      When you click the download button a download window will pop up and here you can choose to open
      or to save the file. If you choose “open”, a new window will appear and here you should be able to pick the file format you need. You either drag and drop the file on to your desktop or double click it to open it in your software, assuming that it is the default software for SVG files.

  20. Monica me encanta todo lo que haces pero me gustaria poderlo abrir en Canvas , lo descargo lo paso a svg y no me deja ,ni tampoco el del castillo que son con los que he probado..Dice que tiene muchas lineas..sera porque mi conversor svg no lo hace bien o como lo podria hacer, me encantaria poderlo hacer para mis hijas.ESPERO QUE ME ENTIENDAS , GRACIAS

    • I have updated the download and added SVG for Scan N Cut Canvas. Just click on the added file and four new SVG files will turn up. You need them all to make the gazebo.
      I hope this will work for you!

      • muchas gracias creo que lo he conseguido ..voy a intentar el castillo que me sale en muchas partes voy a volver a descargarmelo a ver si me sale en canvas porque lo he tenido que abrir en el nuevo canvas y va muy se donde tengo que agrupa algunas formas..seguire trabajando..gracias por todo

  21. Hi, i love this so much!!!! I would like to download it, but when i press the download button, the screen looks white and nothing happens.. 🙁

    • Oops! An update we made today caused this problem. It’s fixed now! I’m sorry that we didn’t see this. Thank you for notice me!

  22. Es sind wundervolle Pavillions. Vielen Dank dafür. Freue mich, wenn ich sie schneiden werde. Viele Grüße Roswitha

  23. Love this but when I download it to cut on Scan n cut , it comes out too big ! is there any way I can cut one bit out at a time to keep it to this size as when I tried it came out so tiny and wouldn’t cut the trellis as so small?

    • Have you tried the special file for Scan N cut Canvas that I added some time ago. It’s a zip file where I have divided the original SVG file into four files. Tell me if this works for you.

  24. Hi Monica, this is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! The SVG file though does not contain the lattice hearts and the 3D hearts. Was that a die design? If so, which die.

  25. What a gorgeous collection. Such a talent!
    I am looking forward to trying out your designs. Many thanks for your generosity.

  26. Thank you for sharing you lovely creations. I have made a small donation. This is all new to me but I am sure I will have lots of fun making these.

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