Gazebo 3

Available in formats: jpg, wpc, dxf, mtc, gsd, svg, studio, knk


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20 responses to “Gazebo 3”

  1. Great work… on the whole blog *lol*. I love your styleand I´m looking around on your blogfor nearly an hour.

    • Bonjour pourriez vous svp me mettre le commentaire en francais pour le kiosque a musique merci beaucoup

      • I’m sorry, but I can’t translate the instructions into French. You should be able to use google translate for this.

    • I’m sorry but I can’t convert the files for you because I don’t have the software for this.

      • I have the program to do it but the pieces convert as one so all element of the project are cut on one sheet, so come out very small. Thank you for a quick replie.xx

    • A PDF with the instructions are included in the ZIP file when downloading the files.

  2. Hi Monica,
    Firstly, thank you. A million times over. I cannot tell you how mnay times I’ve come to your website and just stared at your work. I’m way excited to try it.
    I uploaded all the gazebos to try. Unfortunately gazebos 3-7 I believe don’t have the score lines attached. I’ve uploaded both types and tried and it wont work. its strange because #2 has it just fine. What am I doing wrong??? help!

    • I’m glad you like my designs.
      So sorry to hear that you have trouble using them. I need to know what software you are using to be able to try to help you.

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