Italian House

Available in formats: mtc, dxf, pdf, svg, jpg, wpc, pdf, studio


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32 responses to “Italian House”

  1. Hi Monica
    this house is simply Amazing ! But I downloaded the PDF file and the measures do not fit.I mean the walls have different height and the roof is too small.what am I doing wrong ? Please I want so much to build it

  2. Hi! I purchased a studio silhouette portrait; I’m not able to understand how to cut the pieces of this project. Can someone help me? Thanks!!

    • I have included an assembly instruction in the ZIP file, it’s in PDF format. There you can see how all the parts are to be assembled.

    • Hello, Monica, I have the file of the house in Italy and the measurements do not fit me well. Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you so much

      • I’m sorry but I don’t know why the measurements does not fit for you. Have you tried downloading the file again? Maybe something has happened to the file you have.

  3. Hi Monica
    I wonder how the pieces are about to fit to cutting mat in silhuette because i can’t move them and i dont know if i make them smaller to fit how much am i have to resize any part to be right??

    • If you use the STUDIO format, there should be no problem. No single piece is bigger than letter or A4 format. I don’t know why you can’t move them. Are they grouped together?

  4. I purchased the Italian House some time ago – I now wish to make it as I have so much time on my hands due to this crisis – but I did Extract All files, but I obviously did something wrong as I cannot now Import it to my cutting machine. Is it O.K to do a Re download? Regards Margaret Kett – GUERNSEY.

    • There is an SVG file included in the ZIP file. If you are using the Chrome browser, the SVG file may appear to be a “Chrome HTML Document”.

    • Just click on the green download button “Download files”. Then a download window will pop up and here you can choose to open
      or to save the zip-file. The zip-file contains all available file formats for the chosen design.

  5. I am new to the cricut maker. I imported the svg but instead of cutting multiple pieces it just cuts x2. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. I can’t get this to download I have pushed the green download button and nothing happens

  7. Hi there, I tried to download this cutting file, but when I click the download button, there’s no PDF file there but only a page of words, please let me know if I did something wrong. Thanks

    • I’m sorry but I can’t see what’s wrong for you. I don’t see any problem with the download. All the files are accessible. There are two PDF files available, one for cutting and one assembly instruction.

  8. Thank you so much for your generosity. I use the ‘.svg’ files, and your work is just beautiful!

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