3D Star 1

Available in formats: pdf, mtc, dxf, studio, svg


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8 responses to “3D Star 1”

  1. Monica, this a beautiful Star, you are very talanted. Thanks and Good Bless You. Take Care.

  2. Hi Monica. All of the lines transfer as cut lines, not fold lines. My scan n cut uses svg files, but i was able to import a dxf file. Am I not getting any fold lines because this is not an svg file?

    • I’m sorry that you have problems with the file.

      When I convert my designs to SVG files, I make it in several steps using different software. There can be some issues with my files depending on what software you are using, because nowadays there are so many different cutting software and I can’t verify that my SVG files works well in all of them.
      The most common problem use to be that the scoring lines opens up as cut lines in several software.

      You can try to ungroup the design and mark the folding lines as score lines in your software.

      The DXF file has no score lines, all lines are set as cut lines as default.

  3. Thank you soo much! First of all, im a long time admire of your talent and personality. I was looking for some creative and pretty star to finish my tree this year that also involved my 4 kids, and your file was just perfect!! Much love from Brazil.

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