Chocolate Treat Box 3

Available in formats: svg, studio, jpg, dxf, wpc, pdf, mtc


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9 responses to “Chocolate Treat Box 3”

  1. Love all the boxes, they cut wonderfully on my Silhouette, my only problem is getting the tops to sit correctly, any tips??

  2. I was unable to get this box to cut properly in order to stand up straight, I did resize it, but seemed like the bottom was too small for the sides….it ended up squishing and is very slanted on one side, not sure what i did wrong. Is there a specific size I should be cutting them at…I am using a cricut explore

    • I’m sorry that the box doesn’t work well for you. It’s no problem to resize it as long as you do it equal in both directions. I know that the designs opens bigger than they are designed to be when using cricut, but this should not be the problem.

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