Three boxes

Available in formats: dxf, mtc, pdf, studio, svg


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6 responses to “Three boxes”

  1. Whay my svg file is a link for web and a picture? 🙁 Doing I something wrong?

    • Hi Andrea,
      The problem you have with the svg files depends on your browser. Try to open the svg file in your software rather than double-clicking directly on the svg file.

  2. I have had your files for ages and I have only just cut two of these boxes. They are perfect, I do not know why I waited so long to cut them. Perfect for wax melts, small eggs, etc. Thank you, I do love your designs.

  3. These boxes take about three hours to load the project into design space. What am i doing wrong please. I am new to CriCut

    • Sorry about your problem with the file.
      This is an old design and the files where really old and I think this can be a problem fore some users, so I have made new files of these now. I hope the new files works better for you.

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