Cupcake wrapper 2

Available in formats: svg, ai, knk, wpc, dxf, gsd


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10 responses to “Cupcake wrapper 2”

    • Yes, you can. Just use the GSD or DXF file that are included in the ZIP file. When opening a GSD or DXF file, just change the file format in the “open” window or just drag and drop the file on to the working area in Silhouette Studio.

  1. Hello, this looks like it might work as a liner for a largish bucket (about 12 inches). But before I get excited, I have downloaded the zip file, and can’t get any of the file types to work in MTC. Would I use import rather than file open, and which type is correct.

    • I usually use a 65lb cardstock like the Color Mates from WorldWin or similar, when cutting intricate designs.

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