Cupcake wrapper 1

Available in formats: ai, svg, wpc, knk, dxf, gsd


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7 responses to “Cupcake wrapper 1”

    • You can use regular light weight cardstock for this. I use 65 lb cardstock and it works great. The wrapper is not for baking, just for decoration after baking.

  1. Olá Munica, boa tarde

    Baixei alguns arquivos que na informação constava SVG. Porém, quando abrimos a pasta, a extenção não está lá.

    • Hi Rogerio, If you downloaded and extracted the zip file, you should get several file formats to choose from, including the SVG file. If you can’t find the SVG file, it’s probably because your browser doesn’t recognize it as an SVG file. Sometimes the browser replaces the extension with .HTML instead.

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