Flowers and baskets

Available in formats: scut, knk, ai, wpc, gsd, dxf, studio, svg


If you like my files, feel free to donate.

12 responses to “Flowers and baskets”

    • All my files are free to use, so you don’t owe me anything. 🙂
      You are free to make a donation but that’s entirely optional.

  1. Wow, this is a fabulous place! I am currently awaiting my Brother Scan n Cut to arrive, and can’t wait to try your beautiful designs. I’ll make a donation as this is very generous of you Lynnie xx

  2. These are wonderful, Thank you! I have just received a Scan n Cut, and I love making paper flowers – these will be so useful.

  3. OMGosh Monica…I have been downloading one after the other and had to stop and donate as I felt soo greedy (even though you have said they are all free)….I just wanted in some small way to show my appreciation for your generosity. Thankyou, once again.

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