Arched window frame

Available in formats: svg, ai, scut, gsd, knk, wpc, dxf


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4 responses to “Arched window frame”

  1. Thank you for all the beautiful designs you allow us to use, it’s so wonderful to find so many gorgeous files in one place.

    I do have a problem though, I’ve downloaded this Arched Window Frame in svg format, but it just doesn’t work for me 🙁 when I open it, instead of getting a preview of the Arched Window, the page is blank except for the word “untitltled” in top left hand corner! This also means I’m unable to cut it?

    I haven’t experienced this problem with any of your other files? I’ve deleted and re-downloaded, but the same thing happens again. I’m unable to preview and unable to cut it 🙁 can you offer any help?

    Thanks again for sharing

    Kind regards

    • Hi Bev, If you have problems with my SVG files the most likely reason is that the SVG file is of older date and needs to be updated. I have uploaded a new SVG file now. See if this works for you.

      • Hi Monica, thank you so much – it appears to work fine now. I will try cutting it out tomorrow. You’re so kind to have done that for me. Again, many thanks for your help. Bev x

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