Framed toppers 1a

Available in formats: wpc, gsd, svg, dxf, knk, ai


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9 responses to “Framed toppers 1a”

  1. This looks so nice. I will try it out and see if my ecraft can handle this. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Hello Monica: I can see by your blogging you are one busy lady, ist let me say what you have created here is so awesome it’s hard to describe but just beautiful, 2, THANK YOU!! so much for giving this to us and at no charge. 3rd. i WOS WONDERING IF YOU COULD TELL ME WHAT AND HOW DO YOU USE THE FRAMED TOPPERS, IF YOU COULD GIVE AN EXAMPLE THAT WOULD BE SO APPRECIATED!!!
    Once again..thank you!!!

    • Hi Jamie Lynne, I’m so glad you like my creations! The toppers can for example be used as frames or backgrounds for photos and other decorations on scrapbook pages or cards. 🙂

      • Thank you for this answer. One more question please, where can I find the directions for your 3D designs I’VE LOOKED EVERYWHERE TIA

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