Gothic window 5

Available in formats: gsd, wpc, dxf, scut, svg, knk


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5 responses to “Gothic window 5”

  1. ok thank you so much

    and also some of the things you have made say us this site Silhouette Studio, but i am not sure how to use it

    can you plz tell how to it says cant not get your design in to the mat on this that i downloaded it Silhouette Studio,

  2. The dxf document worked great in my Silouette Cameo. I went to the download button (icon), it is the downward arrow in the upper right corner and then clicked the zipped folder. There are different types of saved images to ‘import’ into your silouette so you can use one of them listed. The creator here, Monica, has it listed – like I said, I saved it in the .dxf category. So you double click on the zip file and then ‘right’ mouse click and choose to save. I save on my desktop. If you can, try to create a folder just for your sillouette on your desktop. It will be easier to find.

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