Fancy Tags 1

Available in formats: dxf, studio, wpc, jpg, svg, mtc, pdf


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21 responses to “Fancy Tags 1”

  1. Hi Monica, First ypur gardens are the most beautiful. If you lived in the States I would hire you to make mine thata beautiful I have a black thumb.LOL I did download a couple of things and it says they are in SVG files but they are not. I need SVG as I have a new brother scan and cut and I was anxious to try out some of your new Fancy Tags 1 & 2.

    • All the file formats comes in one single zip file. You have to unzip it to get access to the different file formats. If you still have problem with the SVG, I can send it to you directly.

  2. I have no trouble opening SVG files I use Brother Canvas .I don’t understand why it is reading as a document in my computer? The only one that does, all the rest of the files are ok just the one I need doesn’t. I have downloaded others and they are working fine. Crazy these things.

  3. I know I can’t open in my computer what I’m saying is it wouldn’t open in my software Brother Canvas. My computer says it a document not a file? all the rest say file. and a couple of pictures and a PDF. I’v been at this for more than a few years so I find it very puzzling myself.

    • If you open your software and just drag and drop the file onto your working area, does this work?

      • No says it can’t open file type. That’s when I noticed it says its a document file. Would you try emailing me one of the files just in SVG? see what happens?

  4. I’m sorry this is so complicated. My software will only open SVG or fcm files if I open a SVG I then converft to fcm transfer to my FD take to cutter and everythings fine. Guess I should have bought a Cricut? LOL It’s OK I don’t want to take up any more of your time. Thanks for trying.

  5. Download Inkscape and read the tutorial. It’s a free converter. I use is successfully with files – I have a Silhouette Portrait. Good luck 🙂

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