Tea Light Box 14

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6 responses to “Tea Light Box 14”

  1. Maddog Battie says:

    A bit of an experiment but it worked fine.


    • Monicascreativeroom says:

      This is awesome! Did you cut it by hand?

      • Maddog Battie says:

        Cutting that thin would be impossible by hand. (at least by my hand anyway…)

        50W laser cutter, 2mm per sec. Interesting slightly burnt pumpkin smell…

        • Monicascreativeroom says:

          I almost thought it was laser cut, but was doubtful when I saw that it was a pumpkin. 🙂
          Doesn’t the surface have to be pretty flat to be cut?
          I envy all of you that have a laser cutter! 🙂

          • Maddog Battie says:

            Surface should ideally be flat but it works on curved if you don’t mind the loss of quality – which doesn’t matter too much on a pumpkin.

            Laser cutter was £500 (5500 Krona) which wasn’t too bad. They do come cheaper but I recommend getting one with air assist. Do your research though as at this price they are low quality Chinese produced with poor safety – no interlocks for example.

            If you do purchase, get yourself a pair of polycarbonate safety goggles to use as laser safety goggles. Not ideal but fair better than nothing.

  2. mimysie says:

    Quel travail splendide! Merci beaucoup pour ce partage si généreux!

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