Gazebo no. 3

This time I have done a hexagonal version. The roof is a little bit different than the other ones.

The assembly on this one is quite similar to the previous two, so I do not think you need any new instructions for this.

You can find the file here.


9 responses to “Gazebo no. 3”

  1. how do I size this in Design Space in my Cricut machine? It looks so small. TY 😍

    • I have uploaded a special svg file for Design Space. This will hopefully open in correct size for you.

          • Monica have big problems with this I have downloaded it and uploaded it to Design Space in Cricut but it all shows “cut” not score where it should score so I end up with pieces wish I could send a screen shot to you 🙁 can you help pls? I love your gabzos!

            • I’m sorry, but the linetype doesn’t convert when importing to Design Space. Have you tried to change linetype for each layer? This will take a while but hopefully you will have a design that works.

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