File formats and more…

File formats

I draw all my templates in AutoCAD as it is the software I’m most accustomed to work with and I have not found any other software that is as competent as this.

From AutoCAD I export a dxf file. The dxf file is the base for all the other file formats for each design I make. The file conversions takes quite a long time because there are many software I use for this.

Currently, I provide seven different file formats for you to use. This is so that as many people as possible should be able to use my designs in their cutting machines.

After I changed the OS on my computer, my KNK software doesn’t work anymore. It seems like it’s the dongle that is the problem. I have taken the decision to no longer provide knk files because of this. I do not see it as a problem as the KNK software is able to import both dxf and gsd files.

However, I have decided that I will start providing pdf files for those who do not have a cutting machine so they can print the template and then cut out by hand. This applies only to new designs.


And more…

Many times I have been asked why I do not sell my designs. I know I would earn much more money on my designs if I sold them than what I get via donations. But I’m not interested in selling, it’s too much work to administrate and I do not think it is worth all the trouble.

I don’t draw my design because I need them I draw them because I think it’s fun, and I rarely use them myself. I’m so happy when I see that others appreciate what I do. Often this is enough as payment for my work.

Of course, I appreciate all the donations I receive. These helps me to keep running my website and pay most of the costs for software and consumables used during the design process.

Happy cutting!




17 responses to “File formats and more…”

  1. Thank you for being so generous! I think your designs are fantastic. I have collected them all and have followed you for many years but I have to admit I have yet to cut a single file! Every time I sit down to try and play with paper something or someone interrupts me or I get into something else and I don’t get around to it. I just HAVE to make to time!

  2. Your Generosity is very much appreciated and I have previously donated. I believe that if someone as gone to the trouble to make all these files available for Free then I can choose weather to donate or not. I love cutting your files as they cut very cleanly, they resize easily as the original is proportioned well to start with. Some files from other places are too large so making them smaller affects the cut. Thank you Monica x

  3. que DEUS te ilumine a cada dia para que continue sempre assim uma pessoa maravilhosa! Raquel

  4. Just found your blog via a post on Pion Design using your Gazebo cutting file. Wow these are truly amazing. Was just wondering whether you have any intention of providing a PDF template for the Gazebos as I don’t have a cutting machine but love making 3d projects.

    • I will provide PDF files on all new files I will make. If you want a PDF made on a design that doesn’t have one, just send me an e-mail and I will make one for you on that particular design.

  5. I accidentally found your site and think you do exceptional work .I love your designs. Is there any way that I could subscribe by e-mail so I won’t miss any of your new patterns? Thank you for what you do.

  6. su trabajo es tan generoso como usted, la felicito todas sus creaciones son lindas, reciba muchas bendiciones desde Medellin Colombia

  7. I have your svg files ( they are too small) I just need to know what size to make them I’m using a Cricit Explore

    • I’m sorry but I have no experience of the Cricut Explore. Are you not able to resize the design in your software? I know that some softwares change the size when importing files. Have you checked if there is any option to change the size when importing? Maybe it has something to do with metric/inches conversion.

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