More cards…

Edit: Hmm. I saw I had posted the wrong picture of one of the cards earlier. I’m sorry about that, the picture of the first card in previous post is corrected now.

Here are the last cards for this time. 🙂
You can find them for downloading at the bottom of the page here.


Four_fold_card_23 Four_fold_card_24 Four_fold_card_25 Four_fold_card_26 Four_fold_card_27

7 responses to “More cards…”

  1. You do beautiful work and I appreciate your offering them to us without charge. Thank you so much.

  2. WAUW oh my goodness these are so beautiful. You are such a talented lady and does such gorgeous work with these beautiful things always. I LOVE these.

  3. I can’t even begin to tell you how MUCH I enjoyed visiting your blog!!! I must have been here for over an hour. Your cut designs are GORGEOUS! I visited your garden and I was so enchanted by all that you have created. Your green house is one of the nicest I have ever seen. AND, to think you designed and made all the shelves! Monica, you are one VERY TALENTED lady! Thanx so much for inspiring me in so many ways! Creating all these wonderful designs and letting us crafters use them for free is amazing in itself. God Bless, and I left a small donation. Keep up your fabulous designs! With much appreciation, Joanne.

  4. Oh Monica, I forgot I wanted to tell you. I was recently at a craft fair and found the most FANTASTIC glue. It can be purchased on line. It dries quickly, will NOT ripple paper no matter how thin, and you use just the tiniest bit to hold your bits in place and dries very clear. It’s funny because it it the best glue ever, lol and that is what it is called! “The Best Glue Ever” and can be found at I know you would LOVE it for you 3D projects, the stuff is amazing!

    • Thank you for the tip! It sounds like I have to try this. I saw that Joanna Sheen sells it so I’m definitely going to order this next time. 🙂

  5. Monica, you are simply amazing. I was wondering what program you used to make your cut files, so it was nice to read your post. Thank you so very much for all the wonderful work you do and for sharing them so generously with us.

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