Preparing for summer!

I have been busy working in the garden during the latest weeks. The snow has melted and the birch leaves has just sprouted and are tender green. The spring has arrived and soon the summer will be here. Today its warm weather but cloudy and some light raining. Daffodils, cowslips and some other early flowers are in full bloom.

Today I have brought all my summer plants out of the greenhouse for the first time. I will be carrying them in and out during some days now to acclimate them to the sun. In about two weeks I should be able to plant them out in baskets, boxes and in my flower beds. Then the risk for frost in the nights will be over.

The first mosquitos have also arrived. How I hate them! It’s almost impossible to be outdoors when it is much mosquitoes. Yesterday, I ordered a Mosquito Magnet Patriot. Hopefully this summer will be mosquito free!


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  1. What a gorgeous and beautiful flowergarden you have here. It´s a joy to look at.

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