It’s snowing!

When I woke up this morning the world had turned white. It has been freezing cold for a couple of weeks now and yesterday when we where out in the garden collecting leaves I saw that the pond had frozen so I could even walk on it without cracking the ice.
It’s still snowing and we have got about 11 cm (4.5 inches) of snow so far. I think it will turn over to rain in the evening. We will see.


P1010810 P1010811 P1010812 P1010813

7 responses to “It’s snowing!”

  1. Monica it looks amazing, I love the snow. Hope it doesn’t disrupt you too much, thanks for sharing the pictures.

    • I also love the snow this time of year, it gets so bright. But in March, I will be pretty tired of it.

  2. I agree, it looks amazing, but I sure DON´T like to have it here. I HATE when we get all the snow and cold and if you´ve got it already now, it can certainly be a very long winter, before it gets to and end again. BRRRI freeze just by the thought of it, but yes it does look beautiful on the pictures, if we just don´t have to deal with it every day.
    Thanks soo much for sharing these beautiful pic here.

  3. Wow your garden looks amazing with all the snow, I love it I can not wait for it to snow here. I am 60 but I still love having a play in the snow with my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing these.

  4. Wow, snow already, we’re still lucky enough to have mild weather so far in the UK, even my Fushia has started flowering again, although now thinking need to get in more tender plants – loving your creating cut files again for us, thank you

  5. Forgot to ask how far you are from Gothenberg as my Husband’s Sister lives there with her Swedish hhusband, it was lovely when we visited in August a few years ago

    • Quite far away actually, more than 1000 km. Sweden is a long country and I live high up, near a town called Luleå. We are about 110 km south of the Arctic Circle. 🙂

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