Yes, It’s winter now. No doubts about that!

Over the past two days we have got a huge mass of snow. Nearly 50 cm (20″), and we have shoveled like idiots. Last night we also shoveled the roof of the greenhouse. I was getting pretty worried that it would not survive the enormous mass of snow. It was quite difficult to even get to the greenhouse when it was one metre (40″) of snow on the ground. Each step was a pain to take, because the snow reached my waist. My arms and shoulders are aching!

Today we are resting but it will start snowing again late in the evening and it will continue snowing for at least two more days.
PLEASE, we don’t need more snow now!!!

P1020205 P1020208 P1020210

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  1. Poor you Monica, I live in the south of England where we very rarely get any snow at all. Your photos are quite frightening to me, buy of course having to stay inside might mean you get some time to design more beautiful cut files, if you can get your hands to work of course !
    I hope things get easier for you soon.

  2. I know how you feel. We just had over 2 ft (60 cm) of snow last week and are due for another foot tomorrow. Not nearly as bad as you, but more than enough for me. After a while you just run out of places to put all that snow.

    Your photographs are lovely. The light is amazing.

  3. OMG! Don’t think we would cope in the UK with that amount of snow. We had a few flurries here in the East of England for the last few days, but where you are looks amazing. I love it when it snows, but not the aftermath of slush and ice. Take care and keep warm and dry,x

  4. We got more snow, huh, and it’s still snowing! Tomorrow we have to shovel again. The snow walls are more than 50″ high now and the snow blower just reaches to blow the snow over the edge. However, I’m glad it’s cold so the snow will not turn into slush.
    Normally I love the snow, it’s so beautiful. It’s still beautiful but I’m quite tired of it right now.

  5. The photos you take are amazing – some of them are like postcard pictures. Just love looking through them.

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