Digging and shoveling!

We have had so much snow lately but last night it began to rain and thaw. I woke up early this morning by a huge rumble when all the snow on the south side came down from the roof. A large pile of snow totally blocked the view from the windows. The bird feeders that I had put on one of the poles were nowhere to be seen. Even the poles where gone, buried deep in the snow.

View from the kitchen and living room:
P1020229 P1020230

P1020232 P1020233

We started to dig for the bird feeders. I had to screw the hangers back as they had come loose. Now the birds can eat their nuts again:

Then we had to dig away some of the snow so we can look out through the windows. Here is my husband shoveling snow from the roof while still standing on the “ground”:
P1020247 P1020238

I went up on the roof to take some pictures. It was easy to climb up as the snow was higher than the edge of the roof on the lower part of the house. The last picture is a beautiful view of our neighbours:
P1020236 P1020240
P1020241 P1020242

We have a storm warning for tonight and the temperature has dropped below freezing again.

I have not had time or inspiration to make new designs lately because of all the work the snowing have caused, and because of some other things that have occupied my mind for the past few weeks. But I will soon be back with some new designs, I hope.

Take care,

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  1. Wow! Not a great way to start your morning. It must have taken all day to clear that path. Hope that the new snow is less than expected.

    • It’s impossible to clear the path. There are nowhere to put it. We just dug a hole for the bird feeders and cut down the piles of snow a little in front of the kitchen window so we can look out. The view from the living room is still the same. 🙂

  2. Bless you, so much snow and for it to slide off the roof like that must be soul destroying…..understand why no new designs for a while, let’s hope it warms up for you and the snow disappears. Take care and keep warm xx

  3. I’d be happy to take some of that snow from you! Our winter has been extremely mild this year. Temps are 15’F above average!! We live in the forest and a fire is always our biggest fear. This year the danger will be exceedingly high as we have not even received a portion of the usual moisture. It has been since 2008 that we had to shovel our roof! Now that we are older we appreciate that we haven’t had to shovel the roof BUT!!!! we do need the snow, too! (PS, our roof is not metal so the snow does not slide off of it!) Don’t even worry about designs!! Take care of you and your people and those things that are pressing first. Your designs are WONDERFUL and you are so generous with your work that we have plenty of them to play with already! Cheers, Cindy.

  4. I’m glad your roof didn’t collapse ! That’s a lot of snow. I’m glad I live in NE Arizona where we have mild year round temps.

  5. Unbelievable. I would be interested in knowing where you live on a map. How long are the days? I take it you are in a fairly rural area and you must travel at least a little ways to get to town? I hope you sort out all that is keeping you preoccupied. Your home is lovely as is the snow. It is always lovelier to view in photographs than in real life.

    • Hi Julianne, I live in a small village outside Lulea, in northern Sweden. It takes about 20 minutes to drive to town. In December, when the days are shortest, the sun is up for about three hours. In summer (mid June) we have daylight around the clock, as the sun is down for only one hour. Right now the sun rises at 07.15 and sets at 16.15.
      The snow has melted a little after the pictures were taken and it does not block the view from the windows anymore. I really hope it will not snow so much more now, but I know that Mars is usually very snowy.

  6. Wow, it is beautiful looking at it from the inside out, but we have only had a little snow and I am already ready for spring! Thank you for all the beautiful designs you share with us and I hope all is well with you.

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