Spring is here!

Cleaning the pond

At last all the snow from winter has melted. On the north side of the house there where snow just two days ago, but now it’s all gone. Today was the first day I was working in the garden barefoot. Hooray! It was quite warm when the sun was shining. Now the pond is ready for summer! I took off the net I had covered it with last autumn and scooped up a lot of leaves from the water. Then I lifted up the water plants from the deepest place and put them in shallower water. It was freezing cold in the water! I put the pump in and started the filter to the small stream that is built in the flower bed above the pond. Later I will put in the fountain when the water have cleared.

Last weekend we pruned all the spirea bushes in the upper line of the flower bed. They where so broken by the snow and the mice had eaten all the bark of the rest of them. Nothing else to do but prune them. The garden looks so empty and naked now. Nothing is hiding the filter. I have to put some high flowers around it this summer, I think!

P1020419 P1020433


This time of the year is very busy. My greenhouse is full with flowers and some tomato plants. Last time I counted the flower pots in there, there where around 1000 of them. I have to continue grow them in the greenhouse for some more weeks before I can plant them out in the garden because we still have frost at nights. The tomato plants will stay in the greenhouse all summer together with the cucumbers and the physalis.

P1020420 P1020421

Soon the trees will be green again. The leaves have started sprouting!


Later this week I will upload some new lattice files! 🙂


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  1. You have such a beautiful garden, you are so lucky. I only have a plastic greenhouse and it was destroyed in the winds 2 weeks ago so I have had to bring my tomato and cucumber plants into the kitchen. I will have to try to save up and get a more solid greenhouse.

  2. Glad to hear the snow has finally gone for you!! Garden is looking good, we are in the process of redesigning ours and have dug up a lot of the plants and put them in pots to replant later on so ours too is looking a bit bare for now – we have a huge problem with ground elder so put membrane down after two lots of weedkiller to try to get rid of it and now have half the garden with black on it!! Anybody with tips on getting rid of ground elder, please..

    Looking forward to seeing more cut files from you Monica, am getting withdrawal syptoms as love your files xx

    • I’m so glad I don’t have ground elder in my garden. That’s a terrible weed! The only thing I think will work is to cover the ground elder with tarps for a couple of years and use pallet collars or something similar to grow the plants in, while waiting for the ground elder to die.

  3. just wanted to say i saw your wounderful designs on create and craft tv today they are just fantastic and what is even more wounderful is you are willing to share them i hope all the love and kindness you send out to others comes back to you a 1000x over and that only good and great things knock at your door big love marc PS love your garden living in London i only have a small garden but i do have a fish pound in it the sound of running water helps take away the noise of a busy city

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