Midsummer – The light is here!

This time of year we have daylight around the clock. Sunset and sunrise are within the same hour so it’s only getting slightly less bright at night.

I love this time of year, it’s so uplifting after the dark winter. You can be outside working in the garden as long as you want (except for the mosquitoes that are terrible in the evenings and make you want to go inside).

I was up in the attic last night at half past twelve, it was half way between sunset and sunrise, and I took this picture. The sun will rise a little to the right of the picture.



8 responses to “Midsummer – The light is here!”

  1. I had no idea the summers were like that in Sweden. How many hours of daylight do you get in the winter?

    • Sweden is a long country and I live in the north part, not far from the Arctic Circle. At Christmas time, when it’s the darkest period, the sun is up for about three hours. Then if it is cloudy or snowing, it never gets really bright.

  2. I love the thought of eternal daylight I don’t sleep much anyway but it is always too dark to do anything in the garden at night here

  3. Beautiful photo and I had no idea that you had that much in common with Alaska in the US. Beautiful view. ~Diane

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