Tea light boxes


Now when the days are getting shorter we need to light up our homes. For this I have designed some tea light boxes. These will be nice to put on the table for Christmas, I think. Only use battery tea light for this!

I have put vellum inside so the light will look softer. There is a design for the vellum insert included in each file.

I hope you don’t have any problem cutting my intricate designs. When cutting on my Silhouette Cameo, I mostly use 180 grams cardstock. The settings I use is “Heavy cardstock” the knife on 2, thickness 30 and speed 10. I don’t know if the setting window have changed in the newer version, as I use an old version and will not update if I don’t have to.

This is how one of the boxes look like when cut and lifted off the mat. I don’t have to weed at all. All scrap is left on the mat. I just use a small aluminium ruler to scrape the small pieces off.



This is how I assemble the box:

1. Pre fold everything and put glue on the small tab. I use a strong double sided adhesive tape. No more glue is needed for this. Glue the sides together.
2. Fold the bottom tabs as in picture.
3. Close the bottom with the last tab.
4. Cut out the vellum insert.
5. Pre fold it and put glue on the small tab and some glue dots along the edges.
6. Glue the insert together and slide it into the box all way down to the bottom. The insert will fit nicely.
7. Now the box is ready!



There will be more of these boxes later on. Why just make a few when you can make a whole bunch of them! 🙂 I just have to cut them out and prepare all the different file formats before I can upload them.

The first four boxes can be found here.


6 responses to “Tea light boxes”

  1. beautiful boxes, Monica! thank you for sharing your gorgeous work with us. can’t wait to make some to decorate the stoop outside my house.

  2. These are incredibly lovely dear Monica. Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations with us and for making these possible in my home. What do you put on top of the tea light holder, or is it open?

    • I’m glad you like the tea light boxes. The top is open, I didn’t think about putting on a lid! 🙂

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