Time for more tea light boxes


Now when winter is here, it’s time to light up our homes. Here are some more tea light boxes to use for this. You can never have too many tea lights!

You can find the new files here.


A little more snow have arrived, not much but it’s enough to make everything white and beautiful.



8 responses to “Time for more tea light boxes”

  1. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful designs, and your snowy photos! Living in Southern California, USA, there is no snow here, so I enjoy seeing beautiful winter scapes from all over the world!

  2. Dear Monica I just would like to thank you for your amazing talented designs, I live in South Africa, Limpopo….. where we die of the heat, I am Afrikaans speaking please excuse the English grammar. When I was about 7 to 8 years old in 1983 it snowed here, and never again. I love the winter time. Your photo’s is picture perfect in my eyes. I suppose ever Christmas you have a snowing Christmas, Oh how I would love that. Just like the movies. Under the fireplace with your stocking hang up and the children drinking hot coco….. It’s Amazing how much snow you get. Thank you for sharing you dreamy snow pictures. I really do appreciated them. Kind Regards Adri.

  3. Hi Monica, I have just discovered your amazing talent after watching Create and Craft on UK TV. I tried searching the internet but couldn’t find the wonderful lattice patterns they showed so in the end I emailed Mel Heaton who was kind enough to pass your details to me. WOW your work is fabulous. I live in Central France and winter is just biting at our heels, the weather was very kind to us last year and so all my French friends tell me that this year should be much colder with lots of snow, after seeing your photos I know that it will never be that cold here. I am looking forward to Christmas as my husband has bought me a ScanNcut, hence I am doing some homework on different files I can download and experiment with. I know that I will get many hours of creative fun and it will be good discovering the many things I will be able to make.
    Best wishes, Trisha

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tealight boxes, Monica! I love seeing your pretty pictures of the snow, but really don’t like the cold weather that accompanies it.

  5. Hi, Monica! LOVE these Tea Light Boxes! However, when I try to download your PDF file (I use Nitro for downloader & never have any trouble with it), I get an error message stating the PDF cannot be downloaded. Is this where your instructions are in your files, as I don’t see any on any of your pages. Also, I love your ‘Lacey Frames’ & noticed there are NO PDF files on most of them, and I don’t recognize, or use, the other extensions. Please HELP! Thank you!!

    • Hi Pat, have you tried any other PDF reader? I don’t use Nitro but I downloaded it just to check it out. I couldn’t find any problems, the files open fine for me.
      The PDF is the cut file itself, no instruction. You can find the instruction here: http://monicascreativeroom.se/general/3329/
      I have only recently started to make PDF files when converting my cutting files. If you need a PDF file on a specific design, just send me a note, and I will send the file by e-mail to you. I will not add a PDF on every design I have made because this is too much work for me.

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