Four fold card 27

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  1. Man, Monica – you must have a really nice cutter! I’m not sure my old Cricut could produce such fine detail. Your designs are beautiful. I feel we are kindred spirits – not only do I design cutting files, but I also have spent some time making concrete garden art, for sale. I specialized in Spheres – some of which I left plain, and some to which I added mosaic tiles or painted, They were fun to make and gorgeous, but too dang heavy!
    I used 2-part molds, and they were solid concrete. 12, 14, and 20″ in diameter, so you can imagine the weight. I started doing thin-walled hollow ones with a rough opening – kinda like a big dinosaur egg – reinforcing the concrete with fibers for strength, and painting the insides with iridescent paints. I used big exercise balls for the forms! I sold them as garden water features, with floating candles in them. My sister did concrete leaves at the same time, and painted them, much like yours. The huge gunnera leaves were a favorite at craft shows. Anyway, just thought I’d say “Hello” – this is my first time visiting your blog! what beautiful things you make. Thank you for your generosity in sharing them.

    • I’m glad you like the designs I make. I don’t know about the cutting quality on the old cricut machines but I know that the Cricut Explore Air, which I have tested at our local makerspace,is fully capable to cut my designs.
      It’s really fun to work with concrete. 🙂 I wish I had more time during the summers to spend on this. I have so many new things and ideas I want to try but I never seem to have enough time to do this. I bought a big exercise ball last summer because I wanted to make the big “dinosaur egg” just like the one you described but I never got to do it. Hopefully next summer… I have seen the huge gunnera on picture. I would love to grow a plant but it’s not possible here, the climate is too cold.

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