Concreting for Christmas



During the past moths I have been quite occupied making latex moulds and castings items for Christmas. I had a plan to make a landscape with spruce trees and a led string. For this I bought some plastic Christmas trees on eBay and made latex moulds on them. Then I could cast several trees. I use fibre-reinforced self-levelling compound when casting, not concrete when making small or detail objects. I have found that self-levelling compound works much better than concrete for this.


This is a mould in progress. I’m using liquid latex for this. It is ready after about 20-25 layers of latex.
I’m mixing the compound powder with a little water in a small bowl. Then I fill my moulds up and shaking them a lot to get rid of all air bubbles. Afterwards, I clean up the bowl with water. Remember to not pour the water out in the drain! I use a bucket to pour all the cleaning water into. When all the sediments have sunk to the bottom, I pour the clear water out. In the end I will have a big lump that fills up the bucket.
More moulds and some casted items.
Finished landscape!




Other casted items


Some of all the new things I have made.
Here I have painted the hearts in shimmering colours.
On these hearts I have made decoupage using napkins.
Pine cones, painting in progress!



8 responses to “Concreting for Christmas”

  1. Wow, you have been a busy lady. It looks wonderful.
    I wish you a merry christmas and a very healthy and
    creative New Year.

    • The heart and the guitar is not my designs but I have cut them out in vinyl and put them on the blocks. 🙂
      First, I washed the white colour off the blocks because they where painted on the sides. Then I drilled a hole in the bottom and etched the front and back side to get a frosted look. Then I cut out and put the design on and put in a LED light string. Finally I put a ribbon on and it was finished. 🙂

  2. Hi, Monica! Where would I buy ‘self leveling casting compound’? Can I get that on Ebay? Also, what is the material called that you create your moulds with? Thank you! 🙂

    • You can buy self leveling compound in most DIY stores. They comes in 25kg bags. When making my moulds I use liquid latex for mould making. 🙂

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