Italian inspired house

P1030698 Italian_house


This house is made with inspiration from Italy. I have cut it in 180 grams cardstock and glued it
together using permanent high tack tape runner.

You can find the new design here.

There is an assembly instruction also included in the zip file.


8 responses to “Italian inspired house”

  1. This is beautiful!!! I can definitely see the Italian influence in the design!!! Thank you for sharing your free cut files with us!! im sure that this took forever to put together, as well as design!! the time was worth the effort!!!!

  2. What a home…. absolutely awesome, shoe!!! but but ypu are incredible talented. Thank’s for sharing.

  3. hi, i have tried to dowload the svg file. and some of it is missing on page 5 and 6…. and you files a great … xx

    • I have made a new svg file where I have changed the white parts to grey because they didn’t show up properly. The only other problem I could see was that some of the dashed lines lost their colour and looked invisible. That is also fixed now!

      I hope this is what you are missing, otherwise I don’t know what you mean.

  4. Thanks for posting these plans. I’m going to use them to make a paper replica of a Museum in my little town (Unionville, CT) which as you can see from the picture looks strikingly like the Italian House – a few minor changes and I’ll have it. I appreciate your generous sharing.

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