Spring has not yet arrived!

It’s still winter here

Still, we have lots of snow left. Two weeks ago it was really beautiful outside when I woke up one morning. All the trees where white of frost and I had to go out just to take some photos.

P10308350 P103083701 P1030839

Now two weeks later some of the snow have melted and soon it will be possible to enter the greenhouse. I have spent a lot of time to take care of all my seedlings and I still have lots more to sow.

Here is how the greenhouse looks right now and also a picture of all my seedlings.

P1030847 P1030873


I am truly addicted to casting

That was what my daughter said to me some days ago and she is right! I just can’t stop making moulds and I cast different items every day. It takes more than two weeks to finish a latex mould. When it’s finished I can use it many many times. Here is some of all the items I have casted lately. I have several big boxes full of finished items and there are things everywhere right now. I really don’t know yet what to do with them all. 🙂

Here is just a minor part of all things I have made.

P1030721 P1030864 P1030793 P1030792

Earlier in January when it was really cold, I used some silicone lego moulds and made some ice lego figures. I placed them outside the kitchen window and glued them with water on the windowsill, it froze instantly as it was about -30 degrees C. It looked quite cool to have them peek into the window.



At last a new cutting file

As you can see, I have been quite busy lately and it’s hard to find time to make new designs. I also work almost full time at a company nearby and this makes it even harder to find time to do everything I want.

This time I have made a new gate fold card. I know I already have made lots of them but I couldn’t resist to make one more. This card is really suited for wedding invitations, I think.


You can find the new card here.




6 responses to “Spring has not yet arrived!”

  1. All of the snow is so pretty! That much snow here the US in North Carolina would shut down everything! We rarely get that much. We had around 4 inches this past Winter and I was out of work for 2 days!

    I love all of your castings too but those lego ice cubes outside the window is just too cute! It is already Spring here and time to go mow the lawn!

    Your card is lovely as always, thanks for sharing them!

    • The snow is mostly not a problem. We very seldom have to stay at home due to that. Not even when we get as much as a foot during night. A long time ago I had to stay home for one day. It was not because of the snow but because of the coldness, it was -42 degrees C and the car wouldn’t start. Next day it was -36 and then I went to work. 🙂

      The lego figures have melted away long time ago. The snow is melting a little every day now and I think that within a month most of it will be gone.

  2. Such lovely photos! Thank you for sharing! I am impressed at how innovative you are with such a short growing season…your seedlings all look so healthy and I am envious of your greenhouse. 🙂
    And oh my goodness, all your castings are ahhh-mazing! Are you still using concrete as your medium? Or are you using plaster for the smaller items? Either way, they truly are lovely.
    And thank you for sharing your lovely card design.

    • For the more detailed objects I use a special plaster that is much harder than ordinary plaster (I don’t know the English word for it). I also use fibre-reinforced self-levelling compound but it is not as good as plaster when the items are really detailed. When summer comes and I can be outside, I will continue casting with concrete but then it will only be bigger items like stepping stones, balls and other things. 🙂

  3. Monica, I recently found your web page and I am enchanted by it. Such beautiful designs and lovely stories of your life. I live in Central France and love the countryside, we currently have baby lambs in one of our fields and it is wonderful seeing them gallop around kicking up their heels. I am very new to card making and have bought a ScanNcut which I haven’t used much sadly, I guess I am nervous about getting it wrong. Your page gives so much inspiration so I just wanted to say Thank You.

    • You are welcome! I’m so pleased you like my designs, and I hope you will find good use of them. I have no experience of the ScanNcut but I’m sure you will get along with it when you start playing with it.

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