The snow has melted at last.

Now we are only waiting for the trees to turn green. Spring is so late this year! Only some early spring flowers have started to bloom, but not yet the daffodils. Today has been quite warm and I have cleaned the pond and put down the pump and the filter. I love to hear the water splashing again, it’s so peaceful. Tomorrow I will rest in the sun reading a book and listening for the birds singing and the water splashing. Maybe I also will plant the seven dwarf lilac bushes that I bought a week ago. First I have to check that the ground frost is gone in the place where I plan to plant them.



All my plants are growing well in the greenhouse. Today I brought out my cucumber plants that I have been growing indoors. Hopefully it’s not too cold for them in the greenhouse now.


Our last remaining snow is on the north side of our house. I hope it will melt tomorrow so I can clean up the flower bed there.


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  1. It’s been a long, gray, and cold winter here as well, but Spring has finally sprung here too. I have cut my lawn half dozen times already, it grows so quickly. The flowers have come and gone and more taking their places. The trees are opening their leaves from a long winters nap and we have our shady spots again. It is Victoria Day here in Canada today and the sun is shining bright. I am off to get some English Daisies to plant and get some more of my vegys into the garden 🙂 Thank you for sharing a part of your world with us.

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